Based in Montréal, Canada, MacPixels is currently expanding its activities on the West Coast, specifically in San Diego, California.

Our expertise in designing and programming online, Flash-based
games is a valuable strategic asset that is driving our expansion.

The San Diego area is the world's capital of online interactive games, showing the highest concentration of developers in the entire industry.

Programming languages and database platforms used include:

HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, Java, VBscript, Actionscript,
RealBasic, ASP, CGI, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server

  • High-quality content, from client-side motion graphics
    to server-side database infrastructure.
  • Fast turn-around and development cycles.
  • Bug-free, cross-platform applications.
  • Satisfied clients throughout North America.

Our team of highly-skilled programmers and designers can create your next multimedia application, expand your company's interactive services, ease your creative team's workload through outsourcing, or redesign your company's website.

Some of the clients we have served since 1995
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Montréal Contact information

MacPixels Production
801 Primeau, St-Eustache,
Québec, Canada J7R 7E5

Contact: Martin Rivard

Phone: 450.472.3779
Mobile: 514.979.3779

San Diego (USA) Business Development

Anderson Lane Associates

Anderson Lane Associates
LLC 570 Paloma Court, Encinitas, CA 92024

Contact: Richard Peck, CEO

Phone: 760.487.1501
Mobile: 760.845.6944


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